FLIR E5 XT, Thermal Inspection of Machines &Electrical Panels made easy!


Whether you are a building inspector, safety manager or shop floor in charge a hand-held professional-grade thermal camera is a must-have. FLIR E-XT series is a handheld camera for capturing Thermal Images indoors. The FLIR E6 XT is one of the affordable solutions in the segment with a unique set of features.

To begin with, FLIR E-XT series indicates an extended range of temperature identification spectrum. Flir E6 XT has a temperature range from -20C to 550C making it ideal for checking refrigeration machines and other Electrical equipment, Panels that maintain a sensitive temperature. One more feature that comes in handy is capturing images in the MSX Mode, while capturing thermal information the image it might get difficult to capture the boundaries of the object that is measured, with heat being an emissive property. MSX Mode superimposes the thermal information on top of the visual images with clearly defined borders and helps differentiate the objects affected by the heat source.

Sometimes an equipment could emit massive amounts of heat and while in operation it might be impossible to identify the exact component which is the source of heat/malfunction. FLIR E6 XT helps us measure either the centre of the object or a predefined area on the object, or we can measure 2 dynamic spots of one highest temperature and one lowest temperature on the same object. There are 4 colour palettes: rainbow, iron, B&W which can be changed even after you capture the image.

Other features such as a temperature alarm for present temperature ranges are available, image transfer can be made via Wi-Fi or Micro USB port. The total Pixel count of 43200 is well within range for a camera in this price range, the E6 XT has a higher infra-red resolution of 240×180 Pixel higher than both E5 & E4.

FLIR offers standard warranty clauses for all their cameras, 2 years on the product and 10 years on IR Detector. E6 XT is IP54 Rated, meaning it is both dustproof and waterproof (splash resistant). The camera can operate for 4 hours of thermal image capture and takes about 2.5hrs to fully charge.

Overall the E6 XT is a definite upgrade from the E5 & E4 models but is also still an affordable solution for professional-grade equipment.