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Change hot tips out by hand by twisting the plastic knurled nut on the soldering pencil without an additional tool.
Using ET soldering tips
70 W solder iron with ergonomic handle and providing toolless tip change
Password-protected to preserve settings
ESD safe station, iron and heat-resistant silicon cable for safe handling
Power unit, 1 channel with soldering iron WEP 70 and safety rest PH 70
Standby mode and auto setback conserves energy, protects equipment
  • 1-Channel Power Unit, digital, 70 W
  • Digital 70 W soldering station. This allows the iron to heat up fast and to provide a fast recovery time ? gets the job done quicker with more efficiency and precision.
  • The station is designed in a state-of-the-art housing with front panel power switch for easy access.
  • ESD safe
  • Station automatically powers down to a given temperature when not in use.
  • All settings can be secured with a password, so that predefined settings can be maintained in order to ensure process quality.
  • New high performance 70 W soldering iron with an ergonomic handle and easy toolless tip change solution.
  • Replacement for 4ETH, 4ETK, 4ETO, 4ETS necessary. For WEP 70 4ETHL, 4ETKL, 4EKOL and 4ETSL must be used.
  • Sets temperature back automatically when not in use to save energy and increase tip life?time.

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  1. Williams Unnasch

    Because some of the best soldering stations for beginners have controls that allow you to adjust the power supply to provide even amperage, you do not have to worry about running out of power while working.

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