TG 165X, A Thermal Scanner from the Industry leader – FLIR

The difference FLIR MSX® makes in thermal imagery

TG 165X is the newer version of the highly successful TG 165 handheld thermal scanners from FLIR. The upgraded version comes with a bigger 2.4” LCD screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, 4GB internal memory, a battery that lasts 5 hours and it packs a lot of useful features like USB C Type support, auto power off, Water & Dust proofing, Visual camera with manual focus.
But what sets apart FLIR products from other industry competitors is technological innovations in both hardware and software, let’s dive into the specifics.

The TG 165X has an Infrared camera at 4800 pixels & a visual camera with 1600×1200 pixels. While there are cameras offering higher resolution IR cameras at similar price, FLIR’s proprietary MSX® technology makes all the difference. MSX is the abbreviation for Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging. This technology adds visible light details such as embedding edge and outline detail onto thermal readings in real time for greater clarity. This is different from the traditional approach of image fusing where visible light and thermal image are merged, or simply superimposed.
MSX® does not dilute the thermal image or decrease thermal transparency, this is a great value addition in thermal scanning applications where differentiating boundaries among an array of equipment in the panel, could be key to identifying the accurate source of heat.

The TG 165X is impressive when it comes to temperature range & accuracy. The infrared imager has a thermal sensitivity of 0.07° C and a range of -25° C to 300° C.
FLIR dominates the thermal imaging space with its accuracy, TG 165X has an impressive accuracy with a variance of +/- 1.5° C error while measuring a dynamic range of temperature, with competitors usually in the +/- 2.5° C error range. One more handy feature for site inspection is that the viewing angle is 51 x 66, so FLIR TG 165X has a wider field of view than similar models at this price point. The 2.4” LCD screen is standard for handheld models, if you fancy a bigger screen take a look at our FLIR C5 palm held thermal scanner

Utility Value
With 4800 pixels, each pixel in the image gives you temperature data, thanks to the radiometric format these images are saved. As against the earlier models which had an SD Card slot, FLIR TG 165X comes with an in-built internal memory capacity of 4GB, preventing any possible data corruption while handling an external SD card. If you wonder, would 4GB suffice you ? It is more than enough,since you can save 50000 images, and you can transfer the images to a PC using the USB C Type cable.
TG 165X is the only affordable thermal imaging solution that has Pro features. It is impact proof, with the ability to withstand a 2 meter drop, IP54 rated to prevent water damage from splashing and dustproof too, in addition it also has a Tripod mount at the bottom for extra stability and convenience, thus making it the ideal thermal scanner for daily outdoor and indoor applications.