WELLER WTHA1 Hot Air station | Vamara Techware
WELLER WTHA1 Hot Air station | Vamara Techware


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WTHA 1?Hot Air Station 900 W

  • 900 W Hot air station for simple repair and heating tasks
  • Modern and intuitive operational concept thanks to clear menu structure
  • Reduced footprint thanks to stackability
  • Electronical controlled temperature
  • Acurate adjustment of hot air through bruschless turbine
  • Up to 5 pre-sets which can be automatically run in a profile
  • Housing cover useable as storage
  • Unit inkl. safety rest and fixed hot air iron
  • OFF time, Prozess window, Lock function, Offset

The front-mounted main switch ensures easy access at all times.Unique LC display with a detailed overview of all functions. Adjustable background illumination. Power bar graph allows visual monitoring of the output power from the station to the hot air pencil.Provides ultimate user friendly access to and navigation in the menu structure.The WT 1 / WT 1H soldering stations can be stacked on the WTHA 1 hot air station, or on each other, saving space on the workbench.Up to 5 pre-sets are available to define volume, temperature and time settings. With the profile mode activated, the pre-sets can be run in a selected sequential order.


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